Green Initiative   
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Green Initiative

Dear Member,

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) vide its Circulars dated 21st April, 2011 and 29th April, 2011 has taken “Green Initiative in the Corporate Governance”, thereby allowing companies to serve various communications / documents (including Notice of General Meetings, Audited Financial Statements, Directors’ Report, Auditors’ Report and all other documents including Postal Ballot documents) through electronic mode to its those Members who have registered their e-mail address for the purpose.

The Company appreciates the “Green Initiative” taken by MCA as this will reduce paper consumption to a great extent and allow public at large to contribute towards Greener Environment.

Accordingly, henceforth, we propose to send all communications / documents, through e-mail, to those Members who have registered their e-mail address with the Company. Please note that all such communications / documents shall be available on the Company’s website for download by the Members. If the Members still wish to receive physical copies of these communications / documents, the Company undertakes to provide the same.

As a responsible citizen, we trust that you would support and co-operate in implementing this initiative by submitting your e-mail address to the Company in the interest of the environment. You are requested to please fill the details in the format provided below .

We are sure that you will appreciate the “Green Initiative” taken by your Company and hope that you will enthusiastically participate in the effort.

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